FREE Drum Lesson with Jeremy Donson

Learning proper technique correctly can shave hours and hours of struggles and learning bad habits that will be really difficult to break later on.

In this FREE Drum Lesson we’ll:


  • Play one of your favorite songs
  • Show you some cool drumming rudiments
  • Show you how to become a better drummer
  • Answer any questions you might have

Want to experience what working with The Drum Professor can do for you and your drumming?

For a limited time, The Drum Professor is providing a FREE Drum Lesson (we use Zoom to teach drummers all over the world)

Drum Professor’s Approach

  • The ONLY Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Accredited Drummer
  • Being left-handed has provided Jeremy with the experience required to teach necessary technique required to master drumming
  • Custom tailored one-size-does-not-fit-all approach with dozens of ways to break down a lesson for each student

Parents & Students

  • Do you have a drum set that is collecting dust?
  • As a student, would you rather learn an invaluable skill or wasted time in front of a screen?
  • Have you always had an itch to “tap” and “drum” on things other than drums themselves? Ever wanted to rock out?
  • Video games no longer presenting a challenge? Why not collect real-life trophies and accolades that you can proudly talk about?